Rowland Hill Nursery School & Children's Centre

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing is a programme which encourages children to talk with stories as the main focus.

The programme was developed by the writer and author Pie Corbett. It is fun and creative. It develops future writers and readers.

It supports children's early literacy skills. 

It develops
  • A range of vocab
  • Story structures and knowledge
  • Use of imagination to create stories
  • Enjoyment of sharing stories 

There are three stages

  • Imitation Stage – Tell the story of by heart using simple story maps, actions and props. Staff team also act out the story or we attend a trip related to the text . The children use the same text over a two week period so that children become really familiar with the text. There is a real focus on children using story words and phrases such as ‘Once upon a time’ , ‘Next’ ,’Finally’ , ‘Four leaved clover my story is over’.
  • Innovation Stage – Children are supported to make up their own stories using props and visuals.
  • Invention Stage – Children make up independent stories using props, natural resources , small world , Role play  and simple maps.