Rowland Hill Nursery School & Children's Centre

At Rowland Hill Nursery School & Children's Centre we provide excellent early education, childcare, information and support for the local community. Our inclusive centre has 122 full-time places for children from 2 to 4 years. We also provide after school and holiday care for 2 to 5 year olds. ”

Ofsted Inspection - section 8


Our inspection on 9th July went very well and the inspector judged that the school “has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas. This may indicate that the school has improved significantly overall”   as a result, the school will have an Ofsted section 5 inspection


Some of the inspector’s findings were as follows:


The children are extremely happy in school. They demonstrate an eagerness to learn and are keen to talk about their learning activities.

 Over time, an increasing proportion of children are gaining sound knowledge, understanding and skills, which are typical and even advanced for their age. Consequently, these children are very well prepared to make a good start in a Reception class.

You are rightly proud of the quality of the learning environment, especially the opportunities provided to children for outdoor learning.

  Adults are adept at using children’s own interests well to stimulate their learning. They provide a wide range of memorable opportunities to broaden children’s horizons. For example, a recent trip to the Royal Academy to look at sculptures resulted in the children recreating their own large wooden and fabric structure in the outdoor provision.


Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. Typical comments include, ‘I am very happy with Rowland Hill Nursery and the progress my child has made here’, and ‘Staff are amazing, they work well together and take all children’s needs into consideration.’


You can read the full inspection letter by clicking this link