Rowland Hill Nursery School & Children's Centre


A Trip to the Royal Academy

To support the children’s interests and ideas some children visited the Royal Academy to look at sculptures created by the artist Phyllida Barlow.

Barlow has been fascinated by the physical experience of manipulating materials. She is interested in the process. There are many parallels with her creative process and that of the children in the nursery at Rowland Hill

Talking about her most recent sculptures she said ‘I work on a large scale as a means to explore the potential of making to go beyond my immediate control…reaching beyond what is physically possible in terms of my height and stretch’

At Rowland Hill often the children want to make their sculpture as tall as possible stretching and reaching as high as they can.

Like the artist Phyllida Barlow they experiment with the materials and use techniques such as cutting, folding, breaking, coiling, wrapping, piling and covering.

Look at the different materials that have been used what can you see?

How do the children respond to the space and the artworks?

What do the children notice about the sculptures?

What are they interested in what are their questions?

What is Sculpture?

What can you see?