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HANDS - A Celebration of our Community


A Celebration of our Community

This project has been inspired by this book.

 Families and staff were asked to bring in an object that was special to them and their family. Please enjoy looking at these beautiful photos and reading the stories about why the objects are so special.

 We would like to thank everyone who participated for sharing these wonderful items and stories.

‘It’s for memories; it’s of my sister that passed away. I like to tell the kids about her, I like to print the photographs and have them around for everyone to see especially the children as they didn’t get to meet her.‘

‘When I got married, my mother in law gave my husband and I this special Japanese box. We were married in Japan 20 years ago so this is very special to both of us.’

‘This is red, yellow and green. This is the Kurdish national colours, I made it.’

‘It is special because it is coming from the sea and the sea is very special to the people in Greece where we come from.’

‘My mother made this for my son. We tell the story of our flag to our children. It’s the symbol of the Albanian flag the 2 headed eagle.’

‘I brought my phone because my family are all over the world; here, Poland, Holland the USA. The phone is how we keep in touch and see each other as a family.’

‘This belt is for a child’s outfit and they are very famous in Romania. They are worn as part of a traditional outfit that we wear at big festivals such as Christmas and Easter. They are mainly made by hand, in different colours and patterns. They are only for women and they are very special because the belt is the main feature of the outfit’.

She is 2 days old; we waited a long time for her. My son is so proud, now we feel complete.’

‘Mine is John Paul II, It’s a special person for me, he is Polish and I am catholic. The palm is for palm Sunday’.

‘This picture represents my family values. It’s a picture of my brother when he was young at my Nan’s when she was alive. He is happy as my Nan would always feed us Jamaican soup. At my Nan’s house it felt good around my family. It reminds me what my family have installed in me what they believe in I would like for my children.’

‘My son bought this in Albania. The eagle is the symbol on the Albanian flag. A black eagle on a red flag. An eagle is something you don’t see every day, which flies high, you cannot touch, it is very big, very strong.’

‘This is important for Kurdish people; it keeps the evil eyes away, we hang it in our home.’

‘This is a picture of Diesel who was our family pet. He loved my daughter and she loved him.

It’s about the colours; we are from the mountains in Poland, they call us Govale.’