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Rowland Hill is an inclusive, supportive Nursery School and Children’s Centre in which all children and their families can make positive contribution, make relationships, learn together, grow in confidence and be happy

As a child As a family you will As a school we will
Have the right celebrate their learning, heritage, culture and that of their families.
  • Work in partnership with the school, celebrate your child’s learning including every small step.


  • Join events and learning opportunities in the school


  • Celebrate and respect the achievements, heritage, culture and religions of all members of our school community 


  • Log into EExAT our online platform to celebrate your child’s learning
  • Work in partnership with you and talk to you about your child’s learning. 


  • Celebrate the learning of the school’s community through newsletters, our website and on social media. 


  • Encourage your child to value other people, themselves and respect their rights, heritage, culture and religion. 


  • Welcome you to be an active member of the school community
Have the responsibility to try hard
  • Bring your child to school on time and dressed appropriately. 


  • Support your child in becoming independent encouraging them to dress and undress themselves for example putting on an apron or coat or learn to use the toilet.


  • Support your child in developing the skills that they are learning in school such as sharing toys, reading books and tidying up after themselves.
  • Offer family learning opportunities that support you in being the best parent you can be 
  • Help you celebrate and enjoy parenthood 


  • Plan and deliver outstanding learning activities, opportunities and lessons that will develop the cultural capital of all our children.


  • Follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and deliver learning for a child growing up in London today
Have the responsibility to look after each other and the environment
  • Be respectful to other member of the school community including the staff team


  • Share relevant information with your child’s key person to support their well-being and learning.


  • Respect the school’s learning environment.
  • Respect and value the rights, heritage, culture and religion of all the families in our school community promoting British values. 


  • Share information openly about your child’s learning and well-being in school.
Have the right to be heard and to take risks
  • Talk to your child’s key person if you are worried or have any concerns


  • Not worry if your child become messy getting wet, muddy or paint on their clothes


  • Prepare your child for the next stage in their education
  • Listen to any concerns and act upon them swiftly


  • Help your child to learn new things, explore new ideas, take risks safely and try new activities.  Prepare them for the next stage in their education

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