Rowland Hill Nursery School & Children's Centre

Documentation & Floor Books

"I have seen the book and I am very pleased to see what the children learn and the experience they get from learning, I am very happy and pleased. Thanks for all the hard work, for all the staff does."   -  Acacia's mum

Floor Books are a tool that the nursery educators use to develop children's ideas, thinking, skills and knowledge.  

Staff used provocations and open-ended questions to stimulate children's talk about concepts.  

The staff assesses what children know already and identify possible new learning.  Floor Books promote deeper levels of learning as children explore a concept or topic over an extended period of time.  Children work in groups on their Floor books, sharing their thoughts and views in a collaborative approach.









  "A lovely way of displaying the children's days at nursery" - Tyler's mum

"Happy to see Milena being curious and involved in different activities around nursery. Thanks to all staff!" - Milena's mum